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Mechanical dewatering with high-pressure technology

Dewatering by high/pressure technology (HPT) means a higher force to drive or compress the filter cake, achieving a dryer filter cake as low as 10% residual moisture, giving back up to 98% water to the process.

The NEW HPT30 bar allows you to filter at an even higher pressure than before.

The MEGALITH with its simple design, consisting of 6 pushing type hydraulic cylinders, used to close the filter press, disturbing the closing pressure evenly, and open the filter press of which the first 10 plates are shifted. Also consists of the NEW TTX opening for the remainder of the filter plates, opening in patches of 10, and at a rate that makes the TTX the fastest opening technology on the market.


Simple also means the filter press consists of recessed chamber plates, linked together by chain, and a shaker system consisting of pneumatic cylinders, all standard with the MEGALITH filter press.

Structurally sound and all put together by a fixed carbon steel head, end and 4 lengths of double welded rectangular tubing, for side beams. Making this filter press the only filter press capable in reaching 30 bar safely.

With the demand for filtration technology increasing and the material to be filtered becoming more challenging, the need for NEW technology becomes more prominent.

By creating the BIGGEST filter press out there that makes use of the Highest feed pressures currently possible, we are solving dewatering problems by giving a single solutions to the solid – liquid seperation challenges.

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Megalith features and benefits


with 6 PISTONS for an evenly distributed seal and sound structural integrity

HPT30 (High Pressure Technology)

filter press feed which means the quickest cycle with driest filter cake possible


filter plates which means lower operational cost and minimum down time


using TTX the fastest opening technology on the market


for a perfect release of dry cakes RoboWash for a fully automated washing system which extends the life of the filter cloth and increases overall performance


for a reliable automatic monitoring system carbon steel head, end and 4 lengths of double welded rectangular tubing, for side beams. Making this filter press the only filter press capable in reaching 30 bar safely.


Megalith Technologies


The MATEC filter press makes use of reinforced framework consisting of double rectangular tubing welded together and plated on the sides, running the span of the filter press and supported by a support structure. The rectangular shape design assures better rigidity against forces of HPT (High Pressure Technology). 6 Cylinders are used to distribute the closing pressure evenly as needed to equalize and overcome the high- pressure of the feed slurry by our HPT pumps that accompanies our biggest range of filter presses. MATEC 6 cylinder solution guarantees that the machine will perform at its most optimum with no deformation on the filter plates.

The 6 cylinders and reinforced framework allow you to run MATEC filter presses safely at higher pressures.
Because more pressure (more speed) means better performances, a shorter cycle time, a lower residual moisture and better results. We are the only 100% HPT company using pressures up to 30 Bar, way above our competitors.
This is achieved by means of MATEC double and triple stage feed pumps, produced solely in Italy.

Virgin polypropylene recessed chamber plates ensure that you get the longest life span out of your filter plates with maximum performance. Keeping it simple means that high-pressure is all that is required for the driest filter cake. High wear / High cost membrane plates are a thing of the past.
External filtrate discharge allows you to be on top of your maintenance, allowing you to identify problems as they occur and rectify with minimum down time experienced.

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By washing the filter cloth and plates you extend the life of the filter cloth and plates and optimising your process by giving new life to the cloth, reducing cycle time and increasing performance.

The control of every aspect of the filter press operation, from the high pressure, to the closing and opening, the shaking and further optional accessories, a fully customizable control panel is supplied with its own dedicated PLC.
With NEW on the go operation, we bring the control and optimization of your filter press to you by making use of remote access and live notification systems.
MATEC remains one click ahead in solving your dewatering challenges.


Gasser Shakers are an air-operated system for a perfect separation of difficult high in clay filter cakes, from the filter cloths.
Pneumatic pistons lift a stainless steel bar that lift the plates and drop them, so they receive the appropriate vertical stress. This is important to avoid solids build up that has attached itself to the cloths, as it can lead to miss alignment and inadequate closing of the filter press, resulting in failure and high wear on the filter cloth and plates.

The RoboWash washing operation is a fully automated cloth washing system that can be put into operation at the touch of a button. The high pressure sprayer located at the end of a drop down curtain, slides between each plate and applies high-pressure wash water to the full area of the filter cloth, dislodging and cleaning any build up of dirt on the filter cloth.


Squeezing – Membrane plates

The membrane plates are special plates with one internal chamber and one membrane. The membrane allows a better mechanical squeezing of drying mud cakes.

Real Washing

The filter press can be equipped with an automatic washing system for plates and cloths. The system is composed by one valve and one system of pipes on the mud head side of the filter press, and discharging valves on every single plate.

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Disegno Megalith
Megalith model
Foot base
Foot base
Total Height
Dry Weight
Chamber volume Capacity per cycle m3/h
(2 cycles)
Ton/h m3/h
(3 cycles)
2500/100 TTX Fast 16130 3410 12595 2340 3170 110845 234 23166 46.33 128.55 69.49 128.55
2500/120 TTX Fast 18010 3410 14475 2340 3170 125260 234 27846 55.69 154.53 83.53 154.53
2500/140 TTX Fast 19890 3410 16355 2340 3170 139675 234 32526 65.05 120.34 97.57 180.50
2500/160 TTX Fast 21770 3410 18235 2340 3170 154090 234 37206 74.41 137.6 111.61 206.47
2500/180 TTX Fast 23650 3410 20115 2340 3170 168505 234 41886 83.77 154.97 125.65 232.45
2500/200 TTX Fast 25530 3410 21995 2340 3170 182920 234 46566 93.13 172.29 139.69 258.42


Poland aggregates sand and gravel icon

2000×2000 160 plates

Client Transkom
Location Poland
TPH 70
LPM 16000 / GPM 4000
Cycles 2
Germany Germany aggregates sand and gravel icon

1300×1300 120 plates

Client Koelsch GMBH
Location Germany
TPH 21
LPM 6000 / GPM 1600
Cycles 2
UK United Kingdom aggregates sand and gravel icon

2000×2000 200 plates

Client J Mould
Location United Kingdom
TPH 90
LPM 11000 / GPM 3000
Cycles 2